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The journey from vacation weekend DJ and present day has been one filled with adventures and memories to last a lifetime. When it all began some years ago, a good friend had introduced me to a midi-controller he’d brought along for our weekend trip. For the next week, I’d spend almost every waking hour messing with it and figuring out what I could do with it.

It didn’t just become a hobby, it spawned a passion that has now become my livelihood and expertise.  


After I returned home, I purchased a midi-controller of my own and the pursuit began where most people envision it would – my bedroom!

That’s right, just as many other great DJ’s, I started honing my skills at home in my own room. As I conquered all the basics by trial and error, my passion for creating music grew as did my skills. At this point, it was time to step it up and venture out. I took on house parties to grow my comfort level by performing for friends while I finished up High School and entered College.

Before I knew it, I was working at a few different bars and clubs in the area that I have since developed and kept close relationships with.


The next stop on my journey was the Mobile DJ venture.

After DJing six days per week, I sparked the interest in a lot of folks. Someone asked me to spin for their wedding and although I was nervous and unsure, I was honored to accept the challenge. Looking back, it was an integral part in my success and my journey.

Over the years I have added event uplighting packages and sister company, Focus & Filter Photobooth packages to my list of services that have both been a huge hit for events. I have learned how to tailor each event to my clients and create a lifelong memory for them and their guests.

It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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